Get everything in writing! No matter what type of deal you’re into, it is very important that you document everything. This serves as your proof that both parties have agreed upon certain agreements, and that both companies have their own terms and conditions based on the contract at the same time. This is the very first rule that one has to remember in the ABC of agreements for real estate, or any other industry which involves decision making, partnership, contracts and any other form of agreement or legal documentations and the like.

Some might think, why do we need to document everything when we have come up with a decision and both verbally agreed on it? The ABC of agreement includes the fact that documenting everything will save you from lawsuits and other forms of complaints that you may receive in the near future.

It is about documenting everything and putting it in writing, with the parties involved having to sign on these documents. It is the only legal proof that you have that both parties has agreed upon something. In real estate, in particular, it is very important that the property owner and buyer have a solid discussion on what their terms and agreements are.

The written agreement must include certain conditions that two parties have to meet for it to become valid. Of course, if one of these points listed in the agreement was not followed, there are certain actions required and consequences to whichever party did not adhere to the agreement.


Majority of businesses familiar with the ABC of agreements rarely experience business complaints and lawsuits. This is because they are protected by that simple document, and that they can prove to anyone that what they’re doing, what their decisions are, are according to the agreed contract. In real estate, many people experience problems with properties, and they cannot do anything else because they don’t have their agreement in formal writing. This is one of the biggest mistakes individuals have been doing and you have to avoid doing the same mistakes.

Regardless if you’re a property owner or buyer, being protected by this document is the most important things that you have to work on. Even if it seems like a typical or normal real estate sales agreement, you have to follow the ABC of agreements that everything needs to be documented, and of course signed by both parties for it to become valid.

A signed document indicates that the signee agrees to the terms and conditions listed in that contract, and that they are bound to adhere and follow the guidelines listed.

If you are having problems with the ABC of agreements, or if you have hesitations about the basics, you can always seek help of an experienced and professional lawyer. There are a lot of professionals who can help you create an agreement and make you understand the possible advantages and consequences that you have to take (if any) by signing and by not signing the agreement.