We are proud to announce that we we involved in the structuring, drafting, perfecting of security and advising on a senior loan of ZAR1 500 000 000.

The structure is a security SPV which allows for multiple syndication funding. The energy in completing the transaction on time was amazing. We had some challenges on the way in respect of documentation, signing, the set up of the SPV structure and what made this experience amazing was all the people involved, the advisors, bankers and clients.

This transaction was implemented on the 27 June 2012.


Further we closed an acquisition on the 28 June 2012 with a value of ZAR1 250 000 000.

What made this significant was that we ran with this transaction together with the senior loan. The timing and delivery of the assets in terms of the mechanism were complex, again with brilliant people involved it worked out fine.


There were some complication on the closing date with the classification of some of the assets which were finalized between parties.