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Legal Update July 2012

DIRECTORS AND “DELINQUENCY”: ANOTHER RISK Here’s another warning to all company directors – the new Companies Act, in force now for just over a year, has greatly increased your risks and obligations. One danger is being declared a “delinquent director” – which in the case of serious contraventions can debar you for life from holding [...]

Commodity Trade Transactions: How it Differs from Share Trade Transactions

Commodity trade transactions and share trade transactions are commonly being heard in the market. Usually, you’ll hear the success stories as well as the cries of people who’ve tried their fortune in this tricky industry, which also is risky as compared to any other market out there. This involves perfect timing since you have to [...]

Achievement June 2012

We are proud to announce that we we involved in the structuring, drafting, perfecting of security and advising on a senior loan of ZAR1 500 000 000. The structure is a security SPV which allows for multiple syndication funding. The energy in completing the transaction on time was amazing. We had some challenges on the way [...]

Finding a Shareholder Transaction Expert

    Shareholder transaction – what is it and how important is it for a certain group of individuals? To begin with, most companies are not just owned by one or two people. Most often, the ownership of an establishment mainly depends on the number of individuals as well as shares or stocks that are [...]

Finding a Corporate Lawyer to Represent Your Corporation

    For every business owner, it is important to find the right corporate lawyer that will represent and process all the legal actions your business requires. Every single day, different decisions and things have to be done within the company.   Being in an establishment requires a lot of risks and decisions to be [...]

Legal Update June 2012

    BUYING A BUSINESS - BEWARE THE TAX IMPLICATIONS!   Business sale agreements often provide for allocation of the purchase price between the various assets of the business – so much for goodwill, so much for stock, so much for fixed assets etc.  Make sure that the allocation is both made and recorded correctly [...]

Does Your Business Need a Joint Venture?

    What is joint venture (JV) and how can it contribute to one’s business? Many business owners may have already heard about JV as well as the different benefits that it can bring to one company. However, not everybody has the knowledge as well as not everyone has even realized how to begin with [...]

Choosing a Merger and Acquisition Attorney: Things to Remember

      When it comes to buying and selling businesses, regardless if you are the seller or the buyer, you need to find someone who can help you with the legal papers as well as other arrangements which are involved during the entire process.   First and foremost, you need a merger and an [...]

A Short Overview of Corporate Law

Lawyers in different parts of the world can choose their specialization or line of expertise. The law has different branches and to name a few are: constitutional law, corporate law, family law, tax law, labor law and many others. When it comes to taking care of legal actions related to business companies, organizations, corporate homes [...]

Directors Duties – What Do They Do in a Company

In a company, there are leaders and higher ranking people and officials responsible for making sure that the establishment runs smoothly. These are the people who have the authority to set rules, make decisions (complicated ones at most times) and even give out instructions which can make the company either fail or succeed. The reality [...]

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