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Shareholders Loan vs Preference Shares

Shareholders Loan vs Preference Shares: In the global market one would adopt the mantle of a created entity to converge into the sphere of corporate competition.  In this regard one would have to consider the objective of the proposed business entity before even taking into account the plethora of methods in which a business may [...]

Preparations for an Acquisition: Important Aspects that Should be Taken into Consideration

The environment for both acquisitions and mergers is continuously improving, most especially those businesses which belong to the small to mid-market brackets. These are the types of companies that you will usually see processing mergers – simply because the competition gets tighter as years pass by, and many business owners find it easier to catch [...]

Mergers and the Important Principles to Remember

Within the corporate and finance industry, mergers play a very essential role. This is the process where an establishment is purchased along with the specific objective on why two or more companies will be merged. This includes a change in name, a significant change with regard to the board of employees, directories and even the [...]

Joint Ventures: Things You Need to Know About It

A great number of small and huge businesses alike are getting involved in joint ventures. First and foremost, what is joint venture and how do businesses gain advantage over this strategic plan? To begin with, this is defined as a mechanism where two or even more entities or businesses can combine their businesses without even [...]

Counterparty Risk: Definition and Services

What is counterparty risk and how are businesses, vendors, sellers and individuals getting affected from it? When it comes to signing deals and contracts, it is already a party of the deal that there are risks involved. No matter how clear the contract may be, there are certain parties who cannot follow the contract, leaving [...]

Basic Concepts of the Corporate Law

Corporate Law, also known as Company Law, is mainly defined as the study on how businesses or corporations, shareholders, employees, directors, creditors, consumers, environment and the community interact with each other. Laws are governed in different countries may generally vary, and the same thing goes with the company law. It is the reflection of the [...]

The Importance of Good Governance; Don’t Forget the Enron Scandal

In every company, it cannot be avoided to experience different issues, internet problems, financial challenges and many other complications. These things are very normal to happen especially if you have recently established your business, or whether new leaders, managers and employees have been hired. Although some challenges cannot be avoided, it doesn’t mean that you [...]

Complex Agreements

When two or more parties undergo a specific transaction, it is very important that they hold an agreement or a written contract that they can both refer to. This is a legal proof of a sale, a relationship between the seller and buyer, regardless of whatever property, shares, stocks or agreements took place. It can [...]

Business Valuation: Introduction and Its Purpose

Business valuation is considered as one of the most significant steps that one has to consider if you are planning on selling your business. some entrepreneurs who are willing to sell and / or buy these businesses may seek help from a business broker, lawyer or any other individual who can help them go through [...]

Acquisitions of Businesses: Two Types of Acquisition Agreement Forms

Acquisitions and its corresponding agreement is one of the most crucial steps during the entire process where a business acquires and takes over another business. It may be a small or a huge business – depending of course on the deal and the terms and conditions that have been made. Simply said, this is the [...]

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