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More red tape when purchasing a Shelf Company

Persons often make use of shelf companies when starting a new business or restructuring a group of companies. A shelf company is a company that has already been registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission and is ready to conduct business. It is often used when persons do not want to incorporate a company [...]

Why should businesses understand Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts are receiving significant attention from businesses across a broad range of industry sectors - and for good reasons. But what are smart contracts and why is it imperative that businesses understand what a smart contract is? Smart contracts are computing programs that automatically self-execute the terms of a contract following the fulfilment of certain [...]

The role of creditors during business rescue proceedings

Chapter 6 of the Companies Act, No. 71 of 2008 (“Companies Act”) allows for companies to enter into business rescue proceedings with the aim to assist the rehabilitation of a company that is financially distressed. Such rehabilitation involves the development and implementation of a business rescue plan which provides for the restructuring of the company’s [...]

From “Brexit” to “Frexit”: A South African perspective

The term “Brexit” refers to the referendum held in June 2016 in terms of which the majority of British citizens voted in favour of exiting the European Union (“EU”). The referendum caused the British pound to fall to its lowest level in decades. Although the referendum is not legally binding, it does indicate that the [...]

Delinquent Directors

The Companies Act No. 71 of 2008 (“Act”) protects the interests of parties who have a vested interest in a company against the mismanagement thereof by regulating the conduct of a company and those acting on behalf of it. Directors, due to the influence they have over a company, are required to act with a [...]


The Promotion of Access to Information Act, No. 2 of 2000 (“PAIA”) gives effect to section 32 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (“Constitution”). More specifically, PAIA provides for the enforceability of “the right of access to information” and “the right of access to any information held by the State and [...]

Procedure for Implementing Mergers

The concept of mergers and acquisitions were only introduced by the new Companies Act No. 71 of 2008 (“Companies Act”). Simply put, a merger and acquisition occurs when two or more profit companies combine their assets and liabilities into a new company or into one of the existing companies. While the requirements for entering into [...]

VDMA Visit Milano, Italy

VDMA’s managing partner, Pieter van der Merwe, was recently approached by the legal bar association of Milan, Italy to participate in the “Cross border deals in Africa legal considerations and business opportunities on South Africa” event to be held at the Palace of Justice in Milan, Italy on 03 November 2016. Pieter van der Merwe [...]

Risky Business

‘Risk management’ is a term that has been receiving a lot of attention since the 2007 financial crisis. The financial crisis was a massive failure which took all by storm, apart from the unpopular few who predicted it. Along with corporate governance and unscrupulous auditing, risk management has been identified as one of the biggest [...]

Sectional Title Schemes and Management and Conduct Rules

Sectional title schemes are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa whether as a primary residence or as an investment opportunity. They afford owners the opportunity to purchase and own a unit within the scheme and an undivided share in the common property thereof. Section 35(4) of the Sectional Titles Act No. 95 of 1986 (“STA”) [...]

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