Majority of us tend to choose a corporate lawyer, the way they choose a CPA, dentist or a doctor. Usually, people who wanted to start their own business will ask a friend or someone trustworthy for referrals.

While some people ask the things that they like about the person, why they are considered as the best in the industry and why they think that business lawyer is competent, it is also a good way to ask: “Who is the best for you?” Of course, the word “best” is a relative word, but you can generate thoughts, opinions and ideas, and create a good decision based on the information that you have gathered.

Aside from these basic questions, here are some important factors that needed to be evaluated before choosing your corporate lawyer.


These factors are carefully evaluated, not just based on others’ opinion, but based on your preferences at the same time.

  • A good business lawyer must show that he / she genuinely cares about all your business concerns.
  • Someone who is a good listener, without anticipating what you’re about to discuss next.
  • While success is very important for most businesses, your business attorney will help you achieve your success based on your goals, and not based on how others define success.
  • Aside from being a good listener, he / she is must also be good in probing questions and discussing issues that can lead to more relevant topics and ideas.
  • Gives ideal and alternative suggestions on dealing with business issues or problems.
  • A good corporate lawyer comprehends your goals. The lawyer is not just someone that will suggest things that you can do based on what the law says and what is right, but he / she also has to give suggestions based on what your goals are. Without knowing your goals, it will be difficult for the professional to give suggestions that can lead your business towards success.
  • Can answer all your inquiries promptly, completely and clearly.
  • Shows respect to you, your time and staff altogether.
  • Promptly answers your phone calls, text messages and / or emails.
  • Gives you an explanation on the things happened in the past that may have caused you to reach your goals.
  • In every course of action that you make, the best corporate lawyer tells you the possible consequences of these actions. He / She will give you both the pros and cons of a specific action, and let you weigh your decisions properly.
  • Additionally, aside from giving you consequences on certain decisions made, a business lawyer will also give you an assessment of your success rate and chances depending on the actions and your plans at the same time.

If you currently have a business lawyer and you don’t like what you’re getting, the chances are, you may not have evaluated him / her properly. Remember, choosing a corporate lawyer is an investment. It is not just a service that you need, because you want to get out of trouble. Instead, it is an asset to your company which can lead you towards your business’ success.