During the month of January 2011, we advised our clients on the following matters:

 on the purchasing of minority shareholders’ shares in a Company;

non-resident Companies on their responsibilities as Directors of a South African Company and the impact on responsibilities in terms of the New Companies Act;

a merger of two IT Companies;

non-resident Company on an acquisition of shares in multiple South African Companies, valued at R 60 000 000

on numerous matters regarding the Consumer Protection Act;

on the restructuring of debt facilities, valued at R 750 000 000


During December 2010 we advised a client on the establishment of a non profit structure which is to be tax efficient.

During November 2010 we negotiated a take over of a company with the creditors of the target company.

During November 2010 we advised a client on the implementation of a third party escrow arrangement to mitigate payment and settlement risk on the payments of import transactions.

During November 2010 we advised a client on a complex finance transaction to the value of R65 000 000 on a management buy out of shares and corporate restructuring.

During October 2010 we registered 1 mortgage bond and 2 notarial bonds in favour of a commercial bank for total value of R565 000 000. 

During October 2010 we advised a client on a structure regarding a loan in the amount of R800 000 000 as well as on the loan documentation.

During October 2010 we advised a client and arranged to set up an off shore structure to run a global internet business.

During September 2010 we advised a client on a corporate restructuring in terms of which it was considered to transfer assets to a SPV company.

During September we attended to the drafting of an agreement of exchange in terms of which raw material would be exchanged for processed commodity.

During Aug 2010 represented and advised a purchaser in an acquisition of an interest in a listed company, value R200 000 000.

 From May 2010 to June 2010 we attended to a share swop transaction for a client to establish a holding subsidiary company structure in an investment company.

During June we advise the client on the terms of a US$ 15 000 000 funding line from a US based financial institution. In June 2010 we attended to a client on several sale transactions to achieve commercial goals regarding a corporate restructuring.

In April 2010 we attended to a transaction in terms of which we hold shares earmarked for a BEE partner in escrow which will be released directly to such a partner once identified.

From December 2009 to May 2010 we attended to the sale of a business to the value of R415 000 000, in which various components, vesting in numerous sellers, were sold and transferred to one purchaser. We represented all the parties involved in the sale.

As part of the sale of the business, the rights in a debtors book and related security were transferred, whereby we represented numerous commercial banks including the commercial bank responsible for financing the purchaser of the business. 

In January 2010 we attended to the rectification of a shareholders register and other secretarial omissions as part of a sale of shares transaction to the value of R40 000 000.

We are currently representing a BEE party regarding the negotiation and subscription for shares in a company operating in the energy and natural gas sector with a transaction value of R30 000 000.

In February 2010 we advised a client on the compliance requirements of the newly promulgated policies regarding Genetically Modified Organisms.

 We represented a purchaser which acquired the sole beneficial interest in a trust which holds a minority interest in assets of a listed company. The transaction value exceeds R200 000 000.

We reviewed  bank facility agreements and security documentation on behalf of a client  in an amount of R350 000 000.

We have advised a client and have attended to  several strategic transaction to buy out minority parties’ shareholding.

We reviewed a client’s procurement and standard agreements to inter alia upgrade the provisions to deal with BEE compliance.

We drafted several agreements regarding the appointment of non executive directors.