It is with great pleasure that we announce that we have obtained a level 1 contributor BEE status, independently audited and verified.

Furthermore, we worked towards this goal of our own accord and without external pressure to improve our BEE status.

It is important for us to be ahead of the proverbial curve in the manner with which we conduct business. In this vein, it is not sufficient for us to merely have a superior BEE status, but rather that we use this status to better explore how we can add real value to the lives of the under-privileged.

We believe that to build a sustainable business it is fundamentally important to recognize the interests of the wider community and to apply practices that enrich the lives of people beyond our own offices. We recently wrote an article about who the real interest holders in companies are.

Companies are an integral part of our society and as we specialize in company law, it is critical to us that as much as possible we incorporate methods and practices into our business that uplift the wider community.

In this regard, we are proud to be uniquely positioned to have potentially the best BEE rating amongst all the specialist commercial law firms in South Africa.