International Business Law

Business is global, therefore we had to expand into the exciting realm of international business law. International business law is exciting, though complex.  We focus on helping our clients to understand cross-border business activities and the regulatory regimes, national and international, that apply to them.

We do not charge our international clients a premium above our normal rates (as is the prevailing market practice), simply because our international clients are not as familiar with the legal and business complexities in South Africa and Africa. We treat all our clients equally and believe that this in itself is a significant value add for our international clients.

We are not only acquainted with the relevant laws and regulations governing inbound and outbound investments, but also have an extensive, quality international network and we do not hesitate to make the necessary introductions when required.

We do not only provide advice and services in relation to investments into South Africa, but the rest of the continent as well. Through our experiences we have developed the necessary streetwise attitude that is imperative to investments in Africa.

We control all activities from our Johannesburg Office and our services include:

  • Exchange Control (FinServ) applications
  • Cross-border commercial agreements
  • International trade transactions
  • New company formations
  • Advice on corporate structures
  • Service agreements
  • Licenses
  • Immigration