Specialised Commercial Litigation

We are commercial attorneys who do attend to specialised commercial law related litigation. We are not merely running litigation processes.

We have a wealth of expertise and knowledge with regards to dispute resolution and commercial litigation.

Our services include:

  • High Court Interdicts
  • Issuing of summons in the High Court
  • Defending Interdicts
  • Defending summonses in the High Court
  • Acting as Experts in resolving legal technical disputes
  • Representation at Mediation hearings
  • Representation at Arbitration hearings

Our specialties lie in the more complex matters, which require specialised skills. Our expertise and knowledge regarding commercial law gives our clients an advantage when matters became litigious. To be able to negotiate require special skills, which we do have, and where the opportunity arise to negotiate we apply our skills to seek the best out come possible for our clients“.

Our understanding and experience in the financial services field gives us an edge when litigating in corporate and commercial matters.

We are experts in negotiation, and endeavour to assist our clients with the ultimate aim of reaching an amicable resolution for both parties when completing a transaction. We endeavour to bring parties together and not to push them apart. Having experience in dealing with the most complicated of transactions, we are able to provide innovative solutions in law.

We are able to quickly identify and access the current status of a dispute, and to give clear, practical advice which can be actioned swiftly.

We aim to add value to our clients through the supply of our services and recognise that it is of the most value to our clients if a matter is speedily and effectively resolved. Our litigation style is crisp and to the point, seeking to provide clients with swift and effective remedies. We are a lean organisation that focuses on the matter at hand and implements strategies of solution rather than delays in order to build up big files in our office.

Mapulana Maponya (a senior director at VDMA) regularly sits on investigating panels in complicated legal disputes. This unique position gives Mapulane and VDMA in-depth experience and insight into the resolution of complicated matters in the corporate and commercial arena. This unique perspective afforded to VDMA adds significant value to our clients as it allows us to handle matters by implementing a depth of specialised experience.