Our Value Proposition

Ambition for success

We are an ambitious group of attorneys and our achievements illustrate our ambition. Since our inception VDMA has been ranked in the top four law firms in South Africa for mergers and acquisitions and has most recently been recognized as the leading law firm in South Africa for deal value in the unlisted sector by DealMakers® for the first, second and third quarter 2015.

What makes our ranking significant is that our staff compliment is substantially smaller than our competitors yet we manage to punch way above our weight and maintain our reputation as leaders in the industry. This is where passion, intelligence, trust and knowledge comes together.


We encourage communication and believe that it is important for us to be able to communicate freely to our clients.


We always keep our composure no matter how stressful or heated a matter may become. We always stay focused on the solution sought.


We will keep our overheads as low as possible and will provide you with very competitive rates. We are always mindful to save costs wherever we can to give the best deal through to you. Our focus lies on how little time is spent on a matter instead of how much time was spent on it. It is our goal to add as much value to you as we can. We assure you that there will be no hidden charges.


We sell time and time is a scarce commodity and therefore remaining focused is very important to us. By remaining focused it allows us to provide you with a high quality product in shorter period of time. We are constantly monitoring efficiencies and internal systems to enable us to provide you with more value.

Forward Thinking

You need to be able to think ahead and to apply common sense in order to be more efficient. Our experiences and the demanding sectors in which we operate provide us with the opportunity to think more innovatively and creatively.


Our image and standing in the community is very important to us. We will always act gracefully and honorably, as we reflect the value of our clients and our clients reflect our values as we are seen as business partners.

Integrity & Ethics

We will deal with each instruction with integrity and professionalism. We will always maintain high ethical standards as we are perceived to have high ethical standards in the industry.


It is important not only to have superior knowledge on a subject but you need to know how to apply this knowledge to a set of facts. This is why we ensure that our professional staff fit this criteria. Our staff have the ability to understand complex matters, then simplify the matter and provide stream line advice to our clients.


We are specialist corporate and commercial attorneys and recognized as such in the industry and we will always maintain this status. We are constantly improving our “academic” knowledge and sharing information on practical experiences to increase our know-how knowledge.

In addition to our legal knowledge we also have exceptional industry knowledge in a variety of industries such as foods and agriculture, mining and energy, financial services, export and import, foreign investment and corporate finance. We publish articles in industry magazines on a regular basis and have been invited to speak as thought leaders at seminars and conferences on many occasions.

We are constantly increasing our knowledge and by doing this we are able to approach matters tactically and are given the extra edge that is required during negotiations. We believe that it is not good enough to have superior knowledge but you also need to understand how people think and react to situations.

Our interest in you

We place your interests first by ensuring we understand your business needs and goals, as we know how demanding the world of business can be.


It is impossible to be an expert at anything if you are not passionate about it. If you are not passionate you will not put in the necessary effort. If an attorney is truly passionate about corporate and commercial law, then entry into our firm is a given. Once you are passionate about what you do, you will become more focused and achieve better results.

Proven track record

Over the years our attorneys have been involved in a variety of complex market leading transactions. Year after year we have been recognized as a leading corporate and commercial law firm in South Africa by Dealmakers. This is a significant achievement given the relatively small size of our firm.


Quality is everything and we are constantly working on improving our internal systems by implementing training programs to ensure the best quality services to our clients. Quality services is what we are essentially selling. We take pride in our work and our quality is regularly recognized and complimented in the market.

Service excellence

We will deal with each matter efficiently and responsively. It is always our aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Solutions driven

We will go above and beyond to ensure we obtain the solution that you require. To be able to achieve this we have to be the best at our game.


We will maintain a relationship with you and your business built on trust. Trust is the foundation of our relationships with clients. Longstanding friendships have developed between us and our clients. This is very important to us as it ensures that we will become your trusted advisor. For many clients we serve beyond the legal work but also as non-executive directors, members on credit committees etc. Enduring relationships are very important to us. Real value is achieved by us working together with our clients over a long period of time.

Understanding human behavior

You cannot be successful in the service industry without understanding people, their behavior and needs. We are very aware of the fact that we are essentially dealing with individuals. Therefore we will make a concerted effort to learn all we can about the individuals we work with and to really understand and appreciate their particular circumstances and needs. The better we understand the individuals we work with, the better equipped we are to understand the dynamics of the environment in which they operate. This understanding enables us to always deliver effective practical solutions to our clients.