Our directors at VDMA Attorneys have a clear understanding and in-depth knowledge of the different laws that apply to our field.  One of the ways in which we engage with our community is to participate and speak at seminars.

We are considered to be thought leaders and specialists in our field, which we are proud of. We are regularly approached by all types of media for comments on Corporate Law matters. We are also regularly invited to speak at conferences, and in house seminars. We have been speaking at conferences locally and internationally.

It is very important to us to share our knowledge and experiences with as many people as possible to add value to their lives and businesses.

We enjoy rubbing shoulders with our peers and to make new acquaintances, therefore we are pleased and keen to share our knowledge and skills about an array of corporate law topics.

Specific topics we speak about regularly are:

  • Company law overview
  • Company law in depth
  • Drafting and understanding a Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Financial records in terms of the Companies Act
  • Business Rescue
  • Financial Assistance, Meetings and Resolutions
  • Directors’ Liabilities
  • Contract Law and Drafting Technics
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you interested in hiring us to speak at your seminar?  We will be happy to quote you on the price and terms for doing so.  Please contact Pieter Van Der Merwe