• From December 2009 to May 2010 we attended to the sale of a business to the value of R415 million, in which various components, vesting in numerous sellers, were sold and transferred to one purchaser. We represented all the parties involved in the sale.

    As part of the sale of the business, the rights in a debtors’ book and related security were transferred, whereby we represented numerous commercial banks including the commercial bank responsible for financing the purchaser of the business.

  • In January 2010 we attended to the rectification of a shareholders register and other secretarial omissions as part of a sale of shares transaction to the value of R40 million.
  • We are currently representing a BEE party regarding the negotiation and subscription for shares in a company operating in the energy and natural gas sector with a transaction value of R30 million.
  • In February 2010 we advised a client on the compliance requirements of the newly promulgated policies regarding Genetically Modified Organisms.