VDMA is proud to announce that as from 05 June 2014 we have been approved by the Oval Table as a South Africa “Magic Circle” law firm bestowing upon us the highest honor achievable in the legal industry in South Africa.

Wikipedia describes the “Magic Circle” as an informal term for those firms who are generally considered the five leading law firms in the United Kingdom and the four leading based commercial barristers’ Chambers.

As far as can be determined the expression “Magic Circle” originated in the early nineties amongst journalists at the time who depicted the leading law firms in the United Kingdom with a sense of power and mystery.

All corporate lawyers in the world are aware of the law firms that are privileged enough to form part of the prestigious “Magic Circle” in each jurisdiction and it is every law firm’s aspiration to be included in the “Magic Circle”.

The term “Magic Circle” has established itself in most legal jurisdictions across the globe and it is a term which was recognized in South Africa in 2004.

The “Magic Circle” in South Africa is governed by the “Oval Table” which consists of prominent members of the legal fraternity comprising of four of the “Magic Circle” corporate law firms in South Africa and prominent leading corporate financing units.

The current members of the “Oval Table” comprise of a partner or director, as the case may be, of the following law firms:

·         Webber Wentzel

·         Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

·         Werksmans

·         DLA Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Along with the corporate finance departments of:

·         Investec

·         KPMG

·         Barclays Capital

·         Nedbank Capital

·         RMB

·         Standard Bank

There is no fixed criteria which needs to be considered when a firm becomes a member of the “Magic Circle” but in loose terms the firm must be a leading commercial law firm, recognised as a leader by its peers, the media, and its clientele. Due consideration is also given to the commercial transactions of the firm and its exceptional expertise.

It is a recommendable achievement which highlights our recognition in the market and how we are perceived by our competitors and other stakeholders. There is only a handful of law firms in South Africa which have this accreditation.

This respected achievement and our continuing success would not have been possible without the support of each and every client. We are ever grateful for your support and confidence and undertake to reciprocate your loyalty by continuously providing our clientele with unmatched quality, service, expertise and dedication.