I am travelling to Brazil in June to meet with partners of commercial law firms across the globe.

I am very excited since I have been afforded the opportunity to address the group for an hour and a half on the subject of doing business in South Africa.

As I progress with the preparation of my presentation, I experience a growing realization of how fortunate myself and all South Africans are to live in this beautiful country, free from natural disasters, war and strange diseases.

I do not know enough of the local economy to address the group on business opportunities, but would inspire them to take comfort in the fact that we are a democracy with rule of law, a stable government, a matured sophisticated financial services and banking system, a growing emerging market, and a well established infrastructure, “easy to do business attitude” and willingness to welcome foreign investment.



Although in some respects we are a first world country and in others, a third world country, we are always conscious and mindful of the circumstances of the less fortunate and the previously disadvantaged. There are however, in my opinion, very successful measures in place to deal with these matters.