Van der Merwe Attorneys is a focused boutique law firm that provides top-tier legal services to companies and individuals. Our internal structure provides our clients with direct access to partner-level attorneys who have, for their entire careers, represented a variety of companies in their most important transactions. Our legal expertise includes Commercial, Banking, Corporate and Property Law. We do however advise our clients on a host of other legal matters.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and affordable, while pursuing your cause with steely determination and commitment, even when we are engaged in complex negotiations or any matter – we are always active on your behalf – seeking to reveal new perspectives and hidden opportunities.

In dealing with every matter we aim to not only understand our clients’ current needs, but also their ultimate goals. Our approach is to get deep inside our clients’ businesses and the industries they operate in. It is this in-depth knowledge that gives us an edge in tailoring the most effective solutions.

From the very start, we listen. We appreciate each of our clients’ points of view and accommodate their preferences, while working towards their goals, and in doing so, we pursue clarity, transparency and straight forwardness, no matter how complex the issues involved might be. We have a passion for excellence. Our lawyers combine legal expertise and market knowledge with an understanding of your business to deliver advice that is constructive, practical and cost-effective.

Traditional legal advice has the tendency to focus only on the problems at hand, but by integrating our skills with the skills of our clients, we work to provide innovative business solutions. This is why our philosophy is to look at a business entity as a whole, together with its underlying aspirations, and in doing so, we believe it enables Van der Merwe Attorneys to provide our clients not only with the legal relief, which they seek, but also to provide economic value to their enterprise. This is where business and law meet.


Pieter van der Merwe – Director 
B Proc, LLM
Admitted Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer
Practising 14 years in a commercial law environment


Jason Dorning – Senior Associate 
Admitted Attorney
Practising Attorney, 4 years in a commercial law environment

Pieter and Jason are supported by qualified skilled supporting staff.