In the last week of each year Van Der Merwe Attorneys finds it imperative to hold individual staff meetings to grasp the experiences of the year that has just passed and to plan for the year to come both individually and as a group.

At close of office we had the following matters to consider:

  • How can we communicate more efficiently with our clients to the extent that we understand exactly what they want with minimal effort from the client’s side?
  • How can we train junior staff to the level where they can develop themselves at a faster rate with minimal time expenditure?
  • How can we advance the drafting capabilities of the firm to a point where there is less time spent on reviewing, vetting and correcting initial drafts?
  • How can we become even more time efficient, with almost zero time wasted, to institute a work ethic where every second is counted?

After the above was delved upon through analytical thought over the festive period, with the New Year falling upon us, we kicked off with a meeting to discuss all plans, policies and processes on how to tackle the New Year.

Our website has been updated to the extent of not only informing our interest base of what we do but also how we do it. This link will take you to our “Our Value Proposition”-page which is actually the bottom line of doing business with us.

Our range of services has also been expanded to include a dedicated company secretarial department.

With the huge demand from our clients abroad, we have found that the quality and value of company secretarial documents in the market is not always up to standard or approached with the necessary professionalism. The services offered by “vdma” in this department will assure that your company runs and is administered to the best possible degree.

In addition we have developed a specialized commercial litigation department. The department has been developed merely to serve the niche litigation needs of our client’s commercial disputes. Dedicated personnel have been appointed purely to add value to our clients commercial litigation disputes whereas in the past it was merely an add-on service. 

We have been contemplating for some time to change our trading name to “vdma” and will action the changes soon, majority of people interacting with our firm refer to us as “vdma” and would just make sense to adopt this name and style.

Following is an indication of our new identity:


 In conclusion, we wish all our clients a prosperous year to come and look forward to 2014 being a great success.